Generally, people who are admired are those who have a good character and personality. However, what exactly is the meaning of admired?


‘Adulation’ is the act of gushing praise upon someone or something, or the act of fawning over someone or something. This form of praise is often poorly thought-out and may be unwelcome to the giver or receiver. It is often based on ideals and carries a note of irrationality.

Adulation is derived from the Latin verb adulari, meaning “to fawn on.” It is related to the Greek word sainein, meaning “to wag the tail,” and the PIE *ul-, meaning “tail.” In turn, the Latin word is derived from the Lithuanian word valai, meaning “horse’s tail.” The noun adulate developed in English in the 15th century. In the late 16th century, the adjective adulatory was introduced.

Adulation is a macro-expression of social hierarchy. People tend to adulate successful people. It is a form of flattery, and serves to compensate for the failures of others. It is often given by mobs and sycophants. People also adulate their bosses for career advancement. It is also  giveme5 a part of fandom, and is exhibited by hapless people running into famous people.


Seeing one’s name emblazoned on the door is the stuff of dreams, but the lion’s share of the action will be confined to the office or the confines of a cab. On the flip side, a visit to the local hot spot will be a breeze. The trick is in deciding which local to frequent in the first place. The best way to go about it is to take a poll of ten or so. Alternatively, you could simply entrust the entire operation to the almighty chauffeur. Thankfully, the chauffeur is a sexiest fellow in town. Besides, you’ll be treated like a rock star.


Whether you’re new to Telugu or an old hand at the language, you’ll be able to pick up the meaning of the Telugu word for admire in no time. Admire is a pretty common word in the Telugu language and is often used to enumerate the merits of a person or event. The Telugu word for admire is a fairly straightforward affair and is accompanied by a number of synonyms.

The Telugu word for admire is rooju mnN ii “aarttikl” dvaaraa. It’s a no-nonsense word that can be used to enumerate the merits or detriments of a person or event. The most common variants of aahrnnlu are rooju mnN, aahrnnnlu, rooju mnN, and aahrnnnlu.

The Telugu word for admire also carries the honor of being the most used word in the language. The Telugu word for admire is actually quite common, and is often used to enumerate merits or detriments of a certain person or event. The rooju mnN is the most common variant of aahrnnlu.


Having someone admired is a good thing, because it means that you look up to and hold in high esteem someone or something. This can be someone you admire, such as a person, a movie character, a superhero, or even a boss. Having someone admire you can help you succeed in your life. It also can help you grow. In fact, some people who admire you become mentors to you. This means that they lend you a listening ear, or give you advice. They can also be friends or colleagues.

Having someone admired can also mean that you have a breath of fresh air. This is when you admire someone for being charming, funny, or witty. This can also mean that you admire someone for being a good teacher, for being a good parent, or for being a good friend.


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