The Most Popular Esports Games in Finland

Considering the rapid development of online games, we are hardly surprised to see all the possibilities to enjoy your favorite activities online. Gamers and players all around the world are connected by their passion for different games. At this point, it is not only about fun and entertainment. Many people actually gain money from playing. There are also many competitions available where different teams fight against one another on varied platforms. For example, you can log in to the League of Legends, create your own team or find random people and enjoy the fight between you and another group. This game is one of many examples we can name. We have also become very interested in the differences between online games around the world. So today, we wanted to take a closer look into popular online campaigns in Finland. Are you ready to dive in?

The Basics of Online Games and Esports

Perhaps we will start with the basics of esports. We can define it as electronic sports. Imagine that you are competing with real people but using your personal computer. This is possible only when you are engaged with players through multiplayer video games. The majority of them will already have options for online competitions; that’s why we have mentioned the League of Legends. But we will get to this game a little bit later for our review. You also need to know that this type of competition is very popular right now. There are dozens of different international competitions. There is also a huge audience involved. This case is true not only for traditional electronic sports but also for online casinos and gambling. We can definitely see a tight link here. But basic information aside, let’s see what games are popular in Finland, including:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Online slot machines
  • Live poker
  • StarCraft
  • And more

League of Legends

Since we have mentioned League of Legends before, it is the perfect time to get back to it. It may not be the first game to introduce the multiplayer concept, but it is arguably one of the most popular games out there. This case is also true about online competitions. Fun fact for you: The actual fans of the game have love and hate relationships with it. If you hear someone say that they don’t like this title, they are likely to be a fan. This game has broken many hearts and continues to do it. Nevertheless, we definitely enjoy their new Wild Rift. Still, this game is a classic that continues to introduce new concepts almost every month.

Online Casinos and Slot Machines

Since we have also mentioned online casino games, we can hardly avoid talking about them as well. Since electronic sports are majorly concerned with actual bets and odds, gambling fits perfectly. Technically, it is not a real competition. But, you can actually take part in tournaments that are concerned with gambling and slot machines. So if you ever get tired of League of Legends or Dota, you’re definitely welcome to try. Nevertheless, if you want to be a successful player, we would definitely recommend searching for paras palautusprosentti (“best return rate” for those who might not be fluent in Finnish). It is your best chance to get better winnings, especially when it comes to online gambling. After all, it is not only about your skills but also about getting the best deals. It is the main difference between traditional electronic sports and gambling.

Live Dealer Poker

Live Dealer Poker is also on our list. We are definitely not surprised that this game is popular in Finland. It goes hand-in-hand with online gambling, which we have already talked about with you. You should also know that we consider this to be an electronic sport because you are playing with a real dealer and Players. You’re not playing against the computer or a machine. It is all about live content. It may not be as popular as slot machines or those competitions that we have already discussed, but it is definitely up there in popularity. We also believe that it is a much more profitable version of any competitor out there. However, you should definitely have some skills before you actually start playing.


It is a classic. If you are a fan of video games or even someone who doesn’t know practically anything about electronic competitions, you still have heard about Dota and its international competitions. This game and all its variations took the world of electronic competitions by storm. There are championships that attract millions of people almost every month simply to watch who is the best player out there. It is definitely one of the nerdiest things on our list. But even though this game is an old favorite, it is still very popular in Finland. Arguably, it is even more popular than online gambling and other games like League of Legends.


The final game on our list is StarCraft. It is yet another classic that has been around almost for a decade but still continues to impress with game mechanics. The game is all about space lore and competition. Many players say that they spend years mastering this world. It is not the easiest game out there. It definitely involves a lot of technical details that only professionals can work. Combinations and characters impressed with the diversity, while the world itself is beyond vibrant. If you haven’t heard about the series before, you are essentially traveling through different galaxies and discovering new races. It reminds us of a mix between Star Wars and Warcraft. Maybe that’s why it got its original name. But information aside, it is the final game on our list that is definitely popular in Finland and actually all around the world.

Bottom Line

Today we discovered a couple of options for online gamers who live in Finland and want to try online competitions. It is definitely more than possible in today’s world. Even though it is hard to tell which game is the most popular, we have selected a couple of options we knew you would like. Obviously, our list started with the League of Legends. It is one of the most popular games out there. Even though the majority of fans have love and hate relationships with it, we definitely think that it is one of the most intriguing ones on our list. In case you get bored of League of Legends, there are other options, including Dota and StarCraft. They are all about teamwork and improving your skills when it comes to game mechanics.

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