TOP 10 Magazines To Inspire Talented Artists

Sometimes it is good to switch off the internet and take traditional printed magazines. We are going to speak about the best art magazines to look for fresh art ideas and inspiration. You can enhance your knowledge in art and learn many new things. The following magazines should be in your artistic library if you want to boost your painting/drawing eyes skills.

  1. Imagine FX
    Are you a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy arts? Imagine FX is your must-have magazine. You will learn a lot of interesting things about science fiction, anime, and fantasy. There are many useful tutorials to polish your artistic skills. It is a source for the best workshops from famous artists. Imagine FX shares many handy tips, interviews, and articles about modern digital forms of arts.
  2. Watercolor Artist
    Are you working in a prominent water-base media? Watercolor Artist is one of the best sources of inspiration for young artists. You will find a lot of fantastic illustrations and step-by-step guides. Use this magazine to find fresh ideas and tips about painting tools/materials. This magazine will help you improve your watercolor technique. Additionally, this is excellent content about modern artists and the history.
  3. Aesthetica
    If you are interested in British contemporary art, this is your magazine. Aesthetica highlights the most talented artists who promote contemporary art. There are many high-quality images and an endless number of useful tutorials. Do not miss the section called “Art & Design”, which is full of awesome topics covering fresh inspiration, tips, and interviews of contemporary artists.
  4. Apollo
    Apollo is all about visual arts for English-speaking readers. It covers all the periods, starting from antiquity to modern days. The magazine was founded in 1925, so it is one of the most respected and oldest artistic magazines devoted to visual arts. You will enjoy reading about news, debates, interviews with the best artists, experts on the artistic market, and collectors.
  5. Leisure Painter
    If you enjoy painting, you can’t miss numerous tutorials from Leisure Painter. The magazine helps beginners/advanced artists to polish their painting skills and find inspiration. It is an excellent source to motivate yourself to start a new hobby and develop your creative side. You’ll find information about everything: exhibitions, tutorials, FAQs, reviews of materials/books/workshops, etc.
  6. Artists and Illustrators
    The “Artists and Illustrators” magazine was created for artistic enthusiasts. You can find practical recommendations on how to paint using various techniques. The history of this magazine is pretty long and counts 25 years. What you will love the most is a bright palette of ideas, technical tips, and modern materials reviews. You will find useful information for watercolors, oils, or acrylics techniques.
  7. International Artist Magazine
    International Artist Magazine features fine art talent worldwide. You will find the freshest news from the studios of talented and popular masters. Do not miss interesting reviews about modern paints/products/techniques. Use this source of fantastic inspiration to submit your art and boost your confidence and creativity.
  8. The Pastel Journal
    Pastel Journal will be interesting to artists who work in the pastel technique. The magazine caters to professional artists and beginner painters. It is a source of tutorials and artistic ideas. Do not forget to check the section with the contests, workshops, and local exhibitions. The best part of the magazine is its step-by-step tutorials to teach beginners new painting techniques. It is your chance to become a professional artist.
  9. Artists Magazine
    It is a popular guidebook which can help you develop a taste for the arts. It is stylish, fun, and very informative. Artists of all levels will find something interesting and useful for improving their skills in the arts.
  10. Sketch Magazine
    Sketch Magazine is all about the process of creating comic books. Published by a talented community of artists, ShoutFyre. It is the best source of inspiration for both inking and digital arts.

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