In most cases, the delivery process of the packages is smooth, and they occur promptly without any delays or problems. However, shipments can reach a destination with faults, damages, and incorrect attributes in some particular cases.

Not only shipping delays but also goods coming in damaged condition are a pretty common scenario. These issues will make the customers angry. They will also question the professionalism of your business.

Sometimes, the shipment delay is caused by the freight forwarder due to their lack of experience. However, some other factors would also contribute to the uncertainty of shipments. Here are the top 4 most common causes of delayed deliveries you need to know.

Lack of Visibility

You need to ensure clear visibility throughout the supply chain of your business so that you can ship your goods from one place to another without facing any delays. Without proper visibility, companies will become the victim of multiple inefficiencies, including damages, uncertainties, and shipment loss.

If you use modern technologies throughout your entire container shipping process, you will be able to track the real-time location of your containers. This will help you develop proper strategies as per the estimated arrival date of the container. Not to mention, you will gain a competitive advantage. Using modern container shipping methods will also help you maintain transparency with your customers.

You Use Backdated Technologies

Old-school hardware of software is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems for freight forwarding companies. This is because outdated technologies will limit the ability of the company to implement new and modern systems. Additionally, old-school software or technology is also another common cause of delayed deliveries.

When you invest in high-quality hardware along with modern software and container tracking systems, you will be able to stay connected with the freight forwarder. You will receive a notification every time your cargo completes a milestone. Not to mention, the company will also notify you whether the shipment will be delayed. As per Why Meridian, outdated technologies have security holes.


This is another common cause of delayed deliveries. As per multiple reports, the customs during international shipping is one of the primary causes behind the delayed shipment. While shipping international cargo, you need to make sure that all the mandatory documents are present so that you can avoid any custom-related problems.

If you don’t have proper documentation, your shipment will be delayed. Additionally, failing to present appropriate documentation will also lead to other complications such as detailed scrutiny of your cargo. This will take more time to complete.

In such situations where the shipments are held at customs, freight forwarders should develop a backup plan.

High-Volume Shipments

An unexpected or sudden surcharge in the delivery volume of the shipment will undoubtedly overwhelm the freight forwarding company. This situation will bring massive consequences, primarily if the freight forwarding company relies on outdated technology.

This is a common cause of delayed delivery, and this situation worsens during the holiday season. The courier management software faces enough pressure as the online order increases during the holiday.


These are the top 4 most common causes of delayed deliveries you need to know. Make sure you build a relationship with a fabulous freight forwarding company to avoid such problems. What are your thoughts? Comment below to let us know.

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