Marriage is the holy union of two souls in love who will spend the rest of their lives together. It sounds like a fairy tale, but sometimes reality can be quite different. Like every other relationship, marriage has complications that can often be overwhelming for the couple.  

Happily ever after is so far from the reality of things. Every marriage has its underlying issues. It has its highs but also lows. The couple needs to mature into the marriage and should start understanding instead of wanting to be understood. A marriage counsellor can often smooth out any issues you might face in your marriage. You can easily find and book a session online at marriage counselling in Langley.  

Top Marriage Counselling Questions to Ask Your Spouse: 

  • What issues are most important? 

To maintain a healthy relationship with your partner, you both need to be on the same tangent when together. Both of your wavelength of thinking should match. Assessing individual priorities can be the reality check that you both need. Making a list and going through each other’s lists can better help you understand your partner. You can find tips on making such lists through marriage counselling in Langley. 

  • How do you actually feel about the relationship? 

One of you could be under the impression that there is still some life in your relationship, while the other could already have given up on it completely. Asking this question gives you clarity about how your partner feels and what they would ideally want in the future.  

  • What are our main issues? 

Understanding what is hurting the relationship and your partner the most is critical. There could be many underlying issues in a relationship, but we often tend to be stuck on a singular issue till it becomes toxic. It’s important to know what your partner thinks the central issue in your relationship is. You could also ask them what a remedy would look like according to their perspective.  

  • Are there any past conflicts that still bother you? 

Words said or actions made in the past cannot be changed. But we can still be holding grudges or feeling hurt about another incident that would have happened in the past. Such conflicts bottle up inside you until you explode one day. It’s essential to ask this question to your partner and clear out the air.  

  • Have we tried everything? 

Trying to fix a marriage could be excruciating and even overwhelming. This could cause you and your partner to give up too quickly. It’s essential to sit down and go through all the things you have done and the things which are left to try.  

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The Bottom Line 

Willingness plays a massive role in fixing marriages and mending relationships. To share with your partner honestly and answer the questions with your heart and not your mind is crucial. No marriage is perfect, and you don’t need to give up either. Professional help is available out there, such as marriage counselling in Langley.


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