Many people mistakenly believe that the requirement to confirm the account in the casino is a whim of the operators. But this is a misconception. Since online casinos are associated with easy money, they have to be constantly on guard.

For the sake of safety, casinos require verification of player accounts. As a result, dishonest players are less likely to abuse the opportunities available to them. Choose the best casinos at

Opening an Account

Most online casinos offer bonuses to new players when they create an account. Most bonuses can only be given once per player, such as the welcome bonus. If users were not required to verify at the casino, some players would create an unlimited number of accounts and get bonuses again each time as a new player.

Casinos do not allow withdrawals without verification in order to prevent such things from happening. The player will be able to receive and use the bonuses, but before he can withdraw any money, he will need to verify the account. Verification also prevents underage users from playing. This is a standard requirement that is followed in all normal online casinos.

Verify an Account

To verify an account in the casino, the player needs to send copies of his documents (scan or photo), where there is a photo of the player. A passport or driver’s license is good for this. You may also need proof of residence. In this case, receipts confirming the payment of utilities are provided.

All this is sent to the support service, or uploaded in a special section. The surrender procedure, as well as the required documents is better to specify in the support service, as different casinos may have different requirements.

Often, players have to resort to additional measures to bypass blockages. Measures are taken by the operators themselves.

Mirrors of Online Casino Sites

Blocking online casinos is easiest to bypass, using one of the mirrors of the institution. Many casinos are now targeting the Russian audience, so offer multiple mirrors in addition to the main site. Mirrors are an exact copy of the main resource, just located at a different address. The database of the sites will be the same, so you can go to your account with any mirror.

Mirrors are very handy, because you do not need extra steps or additional programs. But they are inconvenient because Roskomnadzor may block and online casino mirrors. Of course, in the case of blocking mirrors open others, but still, some players this option seems unacceptable.

Changing IP

Read more about how to bypass blocking in a special article: how to bypass blocking casino sites

You can also access online casinos through special browser extensions like Hola or Frigate. They allow you to set the IP of another country. Then the blocked site will open, as it will seem that the connection is established from France.

There are special programs that also change the IP address. They work on a similar principle. But if you open a blocked online casino by changing the IP, there may be problems, as many casinos do not allow such actions. Therefore, before using this method, you should definitely contact the support team.

Simply explain that their casino is blocked and ask if you can use IP changer software. Perhaps the support team will advise other options to bypass the blocking.


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