what are cigar coolers

If you are a cigar lover then you will need to protect your cigar from crushing or losing the flavor and also avoid drying it. If you think you will buy an expensive cigar then it is not the right decision for you rather than you will need to protect it from the humid weather and another impact Of the weather.

You will need to buy an electric cigar humidor to balance the temperature. electric humidor for sale and you will need to protect your cigar from the impact of weather and other things like this.

 Following are some best electric humidors to help to protect your cigar from these impacts.

Compact Electric Humidor

It is the best option that will keep your cigar from different impacts and avoid damaging it and losing its aroma. It is the best option to choose this equipment for your cigar. one you feel the humanity and temperature was under control then you face no infestation of the is the best option when the space is low, its fan gives you air circulation, it has a large storage capacity. It is the best option to control the humidity. 

The worse thing is that it is expensive.

For temperature control

It gives the airtight room to prevent your cigar from damaging. you can put 250 cigars inside the electric humidor cabinet, which you will use when you need as you choose. you can put a wet sponge in it to control the humidity. If the climate is cold then it has the facility to heat up and it beats the human controller. It has a safety lock feature. Its cons are that it is expensive, and too much hearing can dry your cigars.

Cigar Cooler

It is an ideal option to keep your cigar cooler and humid. And provide the heat as you need. It helps to maintain the temperature and humidity. This environment keeps your cigar pristine. With the help of a compressor system it automatically maintains between 65%to 75% .it is a high-power fan to facilitate air has space to store 250 cigars has automatic heating and cooling control. The bad thing is that it is maybe noisy.

Overall Electric Cigar

When you need to keep your cigar in good condition you will need to cool it to a specific temperature and it will give long-lasting life to your cigar. It will keep your cigars from losing flavor. the thermoelectric cooler technique to reduce it. It is a huge space, keeps the cigar fresh, controls humidity, and has a wood shelf and drawers in it. The cons of this are that it lacks automatic humidification.

Electric Humidor with large capacity

Bodega company brings one of the largest electric humidors to protect your is one of the expensive cigar is the most efficient runs silently and makes no will give the air circulation with uniformity It is a large capacity to store 546 cigars when it functioning it is low vibration and has no voice, keeping your cigars fresh for a long time, but it is very expensive.


When you are a cigar lover than you also need to know how to protect your cigars from losing their flavor or from drying them. with the help of different cooling systems, you shall keep them fresh and long-lasting. With the help of these coolers, you keep the cigar humidor fresh. Although some of them are expensive, if you are a cigar lover then it will not be a big deal for you.

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