What You See on Instagram is not Always True!

According to a report, there are over 1.386 billion active Instagram users. It is also ranked fourth across all social media platforms globally. You won’t be wrong to assume that almost everyone with internet access is on Instagram, which has made it highly popular amongst all.

Originally meant as a platform to share graphic content, Instagram has rapidly evolved into something much more advanced. It has become the place to market and expand your business, and also to show off!

While almost everybody is on Instagram, the race to become the most popular amongst one’s peers have become more intense than ever. And, to win in this race, users are constantly posting a lot of content that portrays nothing less than perfection!

This race to prove how perfect one’s life has become more than a competition. It has started to impact users emotionally and mentally.

Does looking at your friends’ perfect lives make you feel a little sad?

Does it hurt to see how perfect they look or flawless their skin is?

Well, the truth is, all of us have been there. Most of us have felt envious of someone in one aspect or the other. But during these phases of jealousy and self-doubt, we often forget to ask the most important question, ‘is it the way it seems?’

To tell you the truth, it seldom is the way it looks. Many celebrities have also taken to social media to share the real behind the scenes stories trying to break this image of false perfection. Whether it is Influencer like Shawn Sharma  or Celebrity like Sahil Khan. They have shared the imperfect reality that pours behind every perfect picture or video that goes up on their social media.

Why are people obsessed about sharing perfect moments when life is nothing but imperfect?

To be honest, there is no definite answer to this question. What mindset goes behind these perfect posts is anybody’s guess.

Some people want to out show others, while many want to hide their true reality. There are people who derive pleasure by making others feel jealous or bad. While this whole idea of masquerading, the perfect moments is scary in itself, it is still quite prevalent.

But no matter the reason behind this entire shebang, it does end up hurting others, leaving them with an inferiority complex and other complex emotions that end up having lasting impacts on some.

The Instagram life in a nutshell?

The most important thing to understand is that what you see on Instagram is nothing more than a script most of the time. And because it is a script, it shouldn’t have any impact on you. But we know it is easier said than done as you will always find it as an uphill battle. However, the truth is, Instagram is meant to be a platform to share pictures with your friends and family and nothing more. So, it is on you to decide whether you want to allow these fake and virtual posts to impact your real life or not.

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