Which Is the Best Oil for Hair Fall and Dandruff?

When it comes to hair care, some of the best oil for hair fall are backed by the goodness of nature and prove to work effectively. But it is often difficult to find such oil that truly works because every person’s hair care requirements are different. Therefore, we are writing this article to offer expert guidance on the topic and how you can choose the best hair care product for yourself.

We all wish to have long, shiny, and strong hair. Dandruff can be annoying and difficult to treat, but it can be treated with the best oil for hair fall as it provides the required nourishment with the best of the nutrients. And we are not going to talk about the artificial oils made in some factories. Instead, we will talk about nature’s offerings as they can offer a lot that these artificial oils cannot.

But, before that, we would like to tell you some of the causes and natural remedies that help you reduce dandruff.

What causes dandruff?

Hair dandruff is caused due to a fungus called Malassezia Globosa that feeds on oils on the scalp of most adults. When the oil breaks down, it produces a by-product, oleic acid. Unfortunately, some people are allergic to oleic acid resulting in excessive shedding of the scalp skin. Moreover, a busy schedule, the scorching heat, and the environmental pollutants only make it even more difficult.

As an infectious skin condition, it may severely affect the scalp and hair follicles.

The topical skin layers on the scalp continually replace themselves, and cells are pushed outward where they die and flake off. Dandruff is when they stay there and start sapping all the nutrition, thus causing hair fall. Some of the best oil for hair fall can help you treat the issue by removing those stuck skin flakes.

Dandruff Treatments at Home

Here are some tips that you can follow for treating your dandruff at home naturally.

  1. Choose Right Hair Products: You should choose products for yourself because only you know your requirements the best. So, look for hair and scalp products that help you manage your scalp and hair condition best. Luckily, treating hair care issues like dandruff, itching, and dryness is easy with Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil. It is considered the best oil for hair fall as it offers multiple benefits related to better hair care.
  2. Regular Hair Washing: It is advisable to wash your hair with a toxin-free shampoo to help you get rid of hair dandruff 2-3 times a week without fail. Applying a good-quality conditioner and hair oil would also help.
  3. Healthy Diet: Even if you are using the best oil for hair and not having a proper intake of a healthy and balanced diet, you will not be able to cure dandruff. A healthy balanced diet cuts on excessive sugar, carbs, dairy, and oily food.
  4. Hygiene Check and Brushing: If there has been excessive seating or spilling of something, make sure you clean your scalp and hair as soon as possible. Letting the unwanted material live on the scalp will only make the scalp grow. Also, brushing your hair increases blood flow and thus slows down the build-up of dead cells and cleanses the debris in your hair.
  5. Reduce Stress: Stress and a sedentary lifestyle can significantly increase dandruff and cause redness, itchiness, and sores on your scalp. In addition, the allergy to oleic acid can get triggered by these factors and cause irrational damage to the scalp.

Everyone is talking about switching to organic and toxin-free products (especially for Best Oil for Hair Fall), and we have noticed many claims on social media. So now, let’s look at the benefits of Mamaearth Onion Hair that comes free of harmful chemicals and toxins. It only contains the goodness of nature so that you can have dandruff-free and shiny hair.

5 Benefits of using onion hair oil every day

Onions have become a rage and for good reasons. Used as a kitchen ingredient, they not only add a sharp flavor to your food but also comes packed with properties that can keep your hair problems at bay. A regular massage of this oil can nourish your scalp effectively.

Let’s look at the five top benefits of Onion Hair Oil.

1. It promotes hair growth

Onion oil can activate certain enzymes on your scalp that help optimize the hair growth cycle. In addition, it increases blood circulation and provides adequate conditioning to the hair, leading to new hair follicles. Known as the best oil for hair growth, Onion Oil contains sulfur which combats dandruff that leads to hair fall.

2. It prevents hair breakage and thinning

Rich in sulfur, Onion oil can do wonders to prevent breakage and split ends. Sulfur boosts the keratin production to strengthen the bonds between the hair strands and starts collagen production to make the effect permanent. This prevents hair breakage and hair thinning.

An important point to note here is that sometimes the hair loss, breakage and thinning problem might be because of the specific cause that cannot be treated with these oils. In such cases, if you do not see any improvement in the hair loss problem over time, make sure to reach out to the experts to get the right treatment advice. You may want to check out the official site of the best digital healthcare platform named Numan to do this consultation online from the comforts of your home.

3. It combats premature greying

People in their 20s and 30s with grey hair are evident these days. Certain enzymes in onion hair oil prevent radical damage in your hair, thus reducing premature greying.

4. It prevents scalp infections

Onion has potential antibacterial properties that fight scalp infections. Its regular application reduces scalp infections, dandruff, and itchiness. No wonder it is often a common ingredient in some of the best oil for hair fall.

5. It maintains pH levels of the scalp

Consisting of nourishing properties, Onion Hair Oil ensures that the pH levels of the scalp are balanced. Also, the regular use of onion oil can make your tresses shiny, smooth, moisturized, and frizz-free.

Now, lets’ get to know something about castor oil. It is a nutrient-rich vegetable oil that can deal with skin and hair issues. Also called granny’s favorite oil, this oil for hair is one of the best home remedies to help with hair issues.

5 Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair

Another oil that we suggest for healthier hair is Castor Oil for hair. Offered by Mamaearth, it is the next best oil for hair fall because it provides the necessary nourishment to your scalp. It also offers adequate nutrition to the hair roots, so your tresses stay hydrated and away from dandruff or itchiness.

1. Hydrates and moisturizes your hair strands

Rich in essential amino acids and Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, this hair oil strengthens the hair roots with moisture. It also helps trap moisture and natural oils in the hair follicles, thus making the effect more long-standing.

2. It is rich in Vitamin E

Rich in Vitamin E, Castor oil is beneficial for hair’s health as it initiates protein synthesis, which helps in promoting growth, making hair shiny, and reducing excessive loss. It also reduces the oxidative stress on the hair and thus stops hair loss and hair thinning.

3. Has antibacterial properties

Castor oil for hair consists of antibacterial properties that help fight bacterial or fungal growth on the scalp. It thus assists in the gentle method of cleaning the skin or scalp who frequently experience flaking or itchiness.

Summing Up

We also recommend that you should wash your hair two-three times a week if you are experiencing excessive dryness and dandruff with some of the best oil for hair, such as Mamaearth Onion Oil and Castor Oil. You can judge well enough from the above points how well they assist you in fighting hair issues. If you want to buy Mamaearth products, you can visit your nearest supermarket or buy them online and get them delivered to your home.

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