The fact that some aesthetic operations are performed in different seasons also increases the success rate of the operation.

As it is known, not all aesthetic operations are performed in the same season. That’s why it is very important to know which operations are performed in which seasons. The effects of the seasons can prevent the human body from functioning effectively. The fact that some aesthetic operations are performed in different seasons also increases the success rate of the operation.

Studies have shown that the human body is more open to healing in the autumn and winter months. At this point, operations carried out in the specified months may achieve more success. Each of the operations performed causes trauma to the skin. For this reason, it is very important to choose the seasons in which the skin tissue will be damaged to a minimum.

The season for facial aesthetic surgery is much more important than many operations. Since the facial operations, which are also performed by the Milano Klinik, directly affect the appearance, the operations must be done meticulously.

In addition to these, the following steps can be done in general in order to reduce the seasonal effect in aesthetic operations:

  •  You should not go out during the hours when the sun is intense.
  •  Plenty of fluid supplements should be taken and the water lost with sweat should be regained to the body.
  •  People with allergies should use the drugs prescripted by their doctor after their operation.
  •  It is necessary to consult a doctor in cases such as possible infection and bleeding.

Each of the mentioned points is important in order to reduce the seasonal effect in aesthetic operations. But which season should be preferred for facial aesthetic operations?

In Which Season Should Facial Aesthetic Operations Be Done?

The face is among the most visible parts of the body, because each aesthetic intervention on the face directly affects the appearance. For this reason, many people think carefully before having facial operations and determine whether they really need an operation. Many operations can be performed on the face, including facelift and rhinoplasty.

In the summer season, it is observed that bruising increases in the face area after an aesthetic operation. This also prolongs the healing process. The patient may encounter various problems when adapting to their daily life. For these and similar reasons, summer is generally not preferred for operations to be done on the face.

In Which Season Can Nose Surgery Be Performed?

Nose surgery is also among the aesthetic operations done on the face. Many people resort to nose surgery because of functional disorders in the nose. In addition, deformities in the nose increase the tendency to nose surgery. Although the success in nose surgery depends on both the doctor and the method, the season in which the surgery is done is also important.

Sun rays have negative effects on the vessels in the nose. This also increases the risk of bleeding. Considering all these issues, we can say that the ideal season for nose surgery is spring. For people with allergies, it is important to choose autumn for surgery. Because after the surgery, problems such as difficult breathing and nasal congestion may occur. In addition to these complications, allergic reactions may come as a big problem.

For this reason, the season in which the nose surgery will be done depends on the patient. After a detailed examination before the operation, the doctor determines the most suitable season for the operation. In this way, the complications that may occur after the operation are minimized.

It is very important for people to pay attention to the issues specified by the doctor after the surgery. It is worth noting that the steps to be taken after the operation are important in order to shorten the healing process.

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