Having recently finished reading Alain Resnais new book, I was eager to see his latest film. After all, it was his first film in seven years, so I was quite excited to see what he had in store for us. I wasn’t disappointed, though, and I even enjoyed the film. It’s a fantastically well-crafted film with some great acting and a lot of heart. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of Alain’s work.

Alain Resnais’ latest film

Originally adapted as a 1932 German film, Alain Resnais’ Melo is set in Paris in the 1920s. The story is about a violinist who falls in love with his best friend’s wife. eblogz.org

The film features Andre Dussollier, Sabina Azema, and Pierre Arditi. It was nominated for eight Cesar awards when it was released. The film is now available in a restored version. The new film includes six archival interviews.

The new restoration highlights Resnais’ artistically inventive direction. The film is set in Paris in the 1920s and follows the story of Romaine Belcroix, a violinist who falls in love with her best friend’s wife.

The film’s plot revolves around the mystery of a love triangle. Marcel, a violinist, had an affair with Romaine. In the end, he rehearses her letter to him before she drowned in the Seine.

The film reflects Resnais’ love of theatre. The actors’ performances are heightened by the mise en scene. Resnais uses multiple vantage points to capture the actors speaking. He also orchestrates suspended moments as if they were musical.  mediaposts.net


Among the myriad film titles in Alain Resnais’ canon is his first foray into linear narrative cinema. This ode to the arts has been a popular cult favorite for the past two decades and was even remade for an audience of one in 2006. Resnais cites a tumultuous five year period as the catalyst for his creative reinvention. For his latest work, he teamed up with Hans Werner Henze for a re-imagining of the classic 19th century fabled novel.

The film has a bit of everything, from an over the top performance by Madonna to a more than competent cast including Jon Lovitz, David Lander and Garry Reiner. The requisite sex and booze are aplenty, while Resnais gives his actors the benefit of the doubt by avoiding a predictable showdown. This is perhaps best exemplified by the film’s sexiest scene wherein the leading pair of players engage in a sex contest.

Release date

Getting a jot of a chance to see the Melo movie at a local theater, nifty little tidbit that is. The film’s starring actors are not the most famous of French musketeers, but they certainly can’t be ignored. For instance, the actresses, if one is lucky enough to get her in front of the camera, are no slouches. They are accompanied by an adroit supporting cast, a la the stars of the big screen. It is no wonder that the movie is a box office hit. The movie is also a veritable smorgasbord of all the other cuisines that grace the silver screen, be they French, Italian or German.

For starters, the film’s star-studded cast penned a smattering of notable names, most notably veteran actors Jean-Pierre Cassel and Jean-Louis Trini. The movie is billed as a “dramatic” (for lack of a better word) ensemble production, with the cast playing out a series of tangled plots reminiscent of a televised gang battle.


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