Why Do Gamers Lose Interest in Playing Battlefield 2042?

The most recent installment in the franchise isn’t performing so well… Since its release late 2021, Battlefield 2042 has been in poor shape. Due to the game’s numerous technical issues and errors, players have decided to escape multiplayer shooter with a competitive element of DICE, which at one time had fewer players than its predecessor Battlefield 4, which was a bit embarrassing given it was launched nine years ago.

But it’s not only franchise enthusiasts that are abandoning games; more and more material is being phased out and eliminated as well.

Features That Have Been Changed

Additional gaming experiences or Feature Experiences, as well as a selection of rotating game modes built utilizing the Battlefield 2042 Mechanical Tuning Portal feature, have been updated, according to a tweet. The number of Featured Experiences active at any given time has been reduced from five to three fewer special game modes to choose from.

As players were quick to point out on Twitter and Reddit, the reduction in the number of active game modes seems to match the number of sick players in the game. With fewer players picking up the game, matches fill up slowly, and the queue time is noticeably long. DICE can focus a smaller base of game players in a few games by restricting the number of possible game modes, ensuring that servers are near or at full capacity. Many BF2042 gamers have complained about empty servers in recent months, and those in less crowded server areas like Australia and South Africa are having trouble finding multiplayer matches.

But these changes aren’t a good move for DICE. Fans rarely get a good return on content for any game, but if they do so among an exodus of players, Battlefield 2042 just looks even weaker. The perception that DICE had to reduce active content in response to the game’s poor player base doesn’t instill confidence in the longevity of the title.

That’s not all when it comes to modifications. The Feature Experiences will now swivel couple of times each week, on Mondays and Thursdays, rather than once a week. Even if the number of active modes is limited, this should provide players with a variety of ways to play during the week. In addition, at the end of each week, there will be a dedicated Battlefield event on Friday night. DICE can concentrate participants on multiple full matches by conducting an additional yet temporary event.

Can Battlefield 2042 Last and, if So, for How Long?

This alteration in Battlefield 2042’s content should come as no surprise. The game has been underperforming for months, and if DICE wants to keep the game’s minimum player base, it will have to change its multi-player framework to accommodate fewer people. Because the game’s cards were designed for 128-versus-128 games, which DICE has already admitted as being too huge, further work will be required to bring the game up to its current state.

Fans, on the other hand, are dissatisfied with DICE’s unwillingness to adequately respect Battlefield 2042’s status. You won’t find anything to suggest the game is in a frightening scenario if you look at the game’s official social media platforms or a sparsely-populated blog website. The introduction of an update like this, which many believe is more concerned with resolving the game’s player count than with improving the core Battlefield experience, does little to restore DICE’s goodwill with its community.

Battlefield 2042 will almost certainly be recognized as a failure of the Battlefield franchise, but whether DICE can heal the damage and earn a reputation as good as its parent firm EA, which has produced some excellent games (part of which found the way to the eSports and betting scene coming with it – to the list of the top betting sites in Peru, etc.), and whether it can save what can be saved or not is still unknown.

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