The gambling capital, Las Vegas, welcomes an average of 45 million tourists each year, which speaks volumes of this city’s popularity. What makes it so appealing to visitors is the fact it has something to offer to everyone—shopping sprees, casinos, top entertainment, etc. For the passionate gambler who can’t help but throw some dice, this is the ideal location. Las Vegas is nothing if not well-known for its casino resorts that are equipped with the latest machines. It’s definitely one of the destinations that is a must-see for anyone who is an avid casino player. Unless you’ve visited the gambling capital, can you even call yourself a casino player? We think not.

Contrary to popular opinion, Las Vegas has a lot of other activities to offer, from various museum shows and exhibitions to luxury hotels and wellness centers. If you need a break from your daily 9 to 5, then Las Vegas is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy what this metropola has to offer. To find out what you can see and do in Vegas, keep reading the article:

The Peppermill

The Peppermill has earned the title of the most iconic restaurants in the entire state of Nevada. This iconic restaurant has been around for almost five decades and it continues to draw in a high number of visitors who keep coming back each year.  If you choose to give the place a try, you might find it familiar. That’s because the restaurant was featured in several movies such as The Cotton Club and Showgirls. If you’re lucky, you might cross paths with a celebrity or two as the restaurant is very popular among various movie stars.

The decor is unique and reflects the lifestyle of Las Vegas. The bar area is huge and there’s even a fire pit in the center of the restaurant—don’t worry, it’s completely safe. When ordering, don’t forget to get the famous nachos as the dish is highly recommended by the locals.

The Mob Museum

This unique museum is set in a former courthouse and gives insight into organized crime both worldwide and in Las Vegas. As it’s a bit different from your typical museum, you should definitely pay it a visit. The place continues to spark interest with many travelers who have an interest in history and wish to discover more about the city’s history. Imagine walking the same halls where federal officials and mobsters walked years ago.

You’ll also be able to go through the memorabilia that includes different images, journals, weapons,etc. If traveling with kids, have in mind that although there are things for kids to see, some parts may be too overwhelming so maybe it’d be better to go alone if possible.

Caesar’s Palace

If you’ve decided to truly indulge yourself, then Caesar’s Palace is a location you should definitely explore. Anyone wishing to be treated like royalty, should head right down to the resort.The spacious rooms and mesmerizing villas will leave you with an experience you’ll treasure forever. You can unwind by the pool while sipping your cocktail and reading your favorite book. 

At night, the casino comes to life and it’s the best time to buy some chips and test your luck on different types of gambling machines. Who knows, maybe you end up hitting the jackpot. At least in Vegas, everything is possible.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is an ode to American engineering and many have even listed it as one of the modern wonders of the world. It’s a landmark from the Great Depression era and it took five years and more than 20,000 men to build the dam. It’s a popular tourist attraction and you can either opt for a guided tour or walk across the Memorial Bridge. It’s also the tallest concrete arch bridge in the world.

You also have the option of going on a 30-minute Powerplant tour but have in mind that the tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis with only 20 visitors allowed per tour.

The bottom line

Hopefully, you’ve finished the article and started packing your suitcase. As you can see, Sin City has an activity for everyone and the only problem will be choosing what to do first. We highly recommend visiting this destination if you haven’t already as it’s truly a memorable experience.


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