Plots on instalments are the destination that has a solution for every chaos you may feel during buying, selling and renting a property. Every day we see new societies, offers and legislative changes. However, there is no need to worry about it. This updating makes things really complicated for novices. So here are a few ways through which POI can assist you and turn your experiences into marvellous.

Buying and Selling:

Buying and selling property is a rough and challenging job. That’s why there are lots of platforms available such as Liviti which help individuals find the property they need. The emergence of new properties and societies makes this task even tricky. So now, in this situation, there is a need for information on where to buy and at what price to buy and sell. Moreover, it is difficult to decide where to invest. As in, there is a number of new societies that apparently seem not the feasible choice to invest in. In realities that could be the best choice to invest. This all information isn’t accessible for everyone to perceive. Being in the business and experienced, POI can quickly grasp the idea of where to invest and how much to invest. The same is the situation when one wants to sell. There are situations where one should wait before selling for a better price. So POI is going to give you great support in buying and selling a property.


Renting a property nowadays is getting complicated. It is indeed a difficult task to find a property to rent out as per requirements and while staying within the budget. It is equally a difficult task for the landlord. There is a great difficulty nowadays to find someone who is fit in all respects. As in people nowadays are reluctant in letting anyone enter in their premises . So they want security in all respects. However, once you are in contact with the POI, you shouldn’t worry about all this. POI will assist

Legal Support:

Legal matters related to the property are sometimes complicated and are not easily understandable by an ordinary man. Whereas there are chances that anyone can get into trouble or be misguided. Moreover, there are some complicated issues of tax returns and other tax matters. So there need proper legal support must be provided by some expert and experienced one. Luckily you can get assistance through us. We have a number of experience of years in this matters and knowhow about every relevant updates and change in leisure.


Property issues need guidance. It is not as easy as ABC, but it involves a number of tricks and complications. However, this won`t be difficult when you are in contact with us. POI has a team of experts and a network of experienced members who are experts in investment, buying and selling matters. Moreover, there is a number of events when one couldn’t decide to buy or not to buy a property, but POI provides easy to understand guideline that will assist them.

So Plots on Installments is the ultimate guideline about property either your are seller or buyer. You should just give us a call.


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