No question that minimalism is a global trend. It is quite a popular lifestyle aiming at stopping waste and trying to live basically. Although there is a consensus on what this lifestyle is about

each person defines it differently. Some say it is choosing to live with less. Others say it is more about cutting out things from your life that do not make you happy. This allows you to focus more on the things you love. Like enjoying Play Amo gambling.

But it is more than a lifestyle. There is a minimalist art direction as well. Everyone knows painting of this art. Minimalism is an extreme form of abstract art. It was developed in the USA in the 1960s. The works consist of simple geometric shapes and only use ground colors. People normally feel calm when looking at those pictures. The demand for these paintings increased in the past decades. 


The overall logic behind this lifestyle is to focus what you now have on what you like that will keep you going. It does not mean distractions. But you should not misunderstand it to mean that you can always be in your comfort zone. It has nothing to do with that. You may even discover something you did not expect to like. 

The trend has also hit social media. Instagram in particular is full of pictures and posts showing how to live as a minimalist. They mainly show you furniture and interior designs. 

You will notice that the main colors are black, white, and gray. Without any kind of decoration. Except for a few plants. But there are no fancy posters or any useless but nice-looking things on the shelves.

Also, looking at the furniture, it is obvious that no space is wasted with anything that is not needed. This means that you can find a bed, a table, and a wardrobe. Maybe a shelf or two for books. Because reading is important. 

An eye-catcher is a large table. With a white laptop on it. Just to work. So you won’t find any distractions on it. And it is always tidy. Not only on the desk, but in the whole room, apartment, or whatever. 

Furniture stores, like Ikea, have also discovered this movement. They are trying to fulfill people’s desire to live with less. Or at least make it look that way. Because the market always wants to have an influx. That explains why these stylish but minimal desks, tables, and shelves, are always more expensive. They look so modern that people are willing to pay a little more. 


It may seem hard to follow such a straightforward trend. But is it that difficult? It all depends on you. Although most people grow up in a consumer society and are spoiled by things, you should ask yourself what you want. And most importantly, what do I need?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to implement a minimalist lifestyle.

So the first step is to take a room and look around. Look at your stuff and decide if you still use it or not. If you do not, good! Throw it away or sell it online. 

You can also set out to find someone who also follows this lifestyle. You can share experiences and tricks. 

But you should not overdo it. Keep things that have meaning or memory. No one wants you to get rid of family photos or souvenirs. 


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