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Ninexflix is a website that allows you to watch free movies online. Its database contains over ten thousand films. Though you can’t legally download these movies, you can watch them online for free. You can choose from various categories to find what you want to watch. The website is also compatible with most web browsers. You can download movies in high definition, SD, and PAL formats. You can also stream the movies.

The service is free to download, so it’s great for anyone on a budget. The movie library contains a large number of current releases, cult classics, and more. You can also watch pay-per-view movies and get a short-term deal. But be careful, as the site has been shut down for good. Make sure you know the domain name before signing up for 9flix. You can always change the domain name later.

The website’s interface is impressive. It’s easy to navigate and has desktop and mobile-friendly templates. There is a huge selection of movies available, as well as a section for series. You can download a full-length movie or just a single episode. You can even find some free ones. If you want to watch a whole season of a TV show, you can get a paid subscription.

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