Your statement must reflect your personality via your writing.

A personal essay is the student’s presentation and reflection to present them and make them eligible or shortlisted for their desired institutes. It’s an authentic way to leave an impression on teachers and selectors by showcasing and writing about your skill sets, experience, and academic achievements.

Most students struggle to write a piece of writing to describe their abilities in a better way. The essay tone, language, structure, and quoted facts are aligned in complete harmony in a way that presents the best of you. Usually, it comprises of thousand words, students find it difficult to write this much, but once they know the writing techniques, requirements, and format, it becomes easy for them to draft it.

Best ways personal essay Stand out:

If you are stuck with your essay and don’t know where to start, you can search for an online personal Essay. It clarifies many things in your mind, or you can contact an essay helper, where professionals are available to help you. Moreover, you can draft a good personal statement by following the method and writing procedures.

Plan your Essay Outline:

Before jumping into writing, it is advisable to plan your essay structure first. Prioritize your what, why, and how. Brainstorming these three elements helps you set the right course for your essay.

Always mention your skills, subjects you like, experience, and any other source that you think is beneficial and increases your chances of getting into the school you like. It should reflect your personality.

Make a Right Format:         

Formatting is considered the other important thing that impacts your statement’s success; you can split your essay into different sections or paragraphs and then arrange these paragraphs accordingly. It leaves a clean look and makes your essay more professional; teachers or readers find it easy to read.

  • Introduction
  • Academics ( what your area of interest and why)
  • Persuasion ( How you persuade and demonstrate your interest)
  • Experience ( Any prior experience, you can also write about your hobbies, etc.)
  • Conclusion

Consider the above points as paragraphs; you can write about each aspect in a separate paragraph but make sure that these paragraphs must transition rightly and connects.

Write an Appealing Introduction:

The introduction does magic with your statement; a good intro hooks the audience’s attention and gives your essay an excellent start. You can mention your strengths, whether it’s a skill, interest in any subject, sports, or any other activity, that provide enough reason for applying to a particular college.

Don’t overwrite it, just be yourself and state your main theme straightforwardly; any lengthy and dragging statements can negatively impact your essay introduction. Therefore a more direct approach mixed with your natural writing process and a hook statement can do the magic.

Make it more Relevant:

Your essay must contain content relevant to explaining your main goal and not include any distracting and out-of-the-box thoughts. You can use certain examples and sources to authenticate but keep them relevant. You must support your arguments logically and thoughtfully, don’t use fancy lines, develop your argument gradually, and then back with critically analyzing thoughts.

Make it personal:

The personal essay must revolve around you and your personality traits; it must reflect your personality through your writing. Please don’t make it generic like other essay types; it is your ticket to the institution of your like, making it easy to assess your essay for the teachers there. They are more interested in your personality and what you have to offer for their institution.

Do Research and include it in your essay:

It is better to research the institution first than about the subject you want to pursue. It helps you understand the institution’s values and, most importantly, makes you able to include all the relevant content. This content is well researched and thoughtful; it positively impacts personal statements.

Proofread and conclude it concisely:

In the end, conclude your essay concisely, keep it short yet impactful, pitch your final thought and reaffirm your thoughts and leave a positive impression on the teachers; you don’t have to include any new statements in the conclusion; stick to the theme and your main point in the introduction. Once you are done writing, proofread it, remove any mistakes, and check the tone and essay structure.


A personal essay or statement is an important piece of writing, which can open the gates of higher institutions for you if written well. It’s better to write it perfectly and increase your admission chances. You can read all the points discussed in this article and craft a wonderful personal essay for your admission process.

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