6 Must Use CBD Infused Products For Athletes 2022

The rise of CBD (Cannabidiol) is inevitable, and it looks like CBD products have entered the athletics ecosystem too. Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes are using CBD products for various health benefits. However, the primary reason for athletes using CBD products is pain relief. Yes, research states that Randi may help alleviate inflammatory pain and muscle recovery. 

Whether hitting the gym too hard or training for any outdoor sports, it’s common to feel muscle spasms and soreness the next day. Often known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), it is one of the common problems athletes face. However, research suggests that CBD’s transdermal application may help relieve any muscle soreness and inflammation. So, here is a list of six must-use CBD products for athletes in 2022.

1. CBDistillery CBDol Topical

The first product on the list is a CBD salve. CBDistillery CBDol Topical consists of THC vape, which means you get the benefits of CBD and other essential oils and terpenes. If you have a sore back, arm, or joints, apply and massage the problematic areas with this salve; since such a product h full-spectrum CBD, elps relieve the pain. 

You get the goodness of essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint, alongside CBD. The container consists of 1 oz of CBD salve with 600 mg CBD. As the CBD salve consists of natural ingredients, it provides your skin with the right amount of hydration and does not make it greasy. 

2. CBDMEDIC Active Sport Pain Relief Stick

Having a pack of this CBD pain relief stick may help you immensely. Apart from CBD, the product beholds the goodness of other ingredients, like camphor and menthol. Both are good for pain relief. Moreover, the shea butter and beeswax in this CBD-infused product keep your skin moisturized and healthy simultaneously. 

Using this product is quite simple. All you need to do is rub the relief stick on the areas experiencing pain or discomfort. Such brands use CBD isolate in making this product. However, the CBDMEDIC Active Sport Pain Relief Stick has 600 mg CBD per 30 mg of the pain relief stick.

3. Level Select CBD Roll-Ons

The following product on the list is one of the best CBD-infused products for athletes. The Level selects CBD roll-on can suit almost every CBD user’s needs. The product is available in three variants: 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1200 mg CBD. You can choose any one depending on the intensity of your pain.

 The brand uses broad-spectrum CBD for this product, plus it is a convenient option for traveling. To use this product, you must shake it and roll it into the problematic areas. Hassle-free usage and the money-back guarantee from the brand make this one of the most favorable CBD massage balms. Besides this, if you are not satisfied with the results of this product in 30 days, the company also reverts to your money.

4. Therabody Revive CBD Body Balm

Menthol is one of the best ingredients in a pain relief balm. It offers a cooling pain relief sensation when applied to problematic areas. The following product on the list is one of the best cooling CBD pain relief balms. The Therabody Revive CBD Body Balm comes in a 1 oz container containing 500 mg CBD. 

You can rest assured about the quality of the product as it is a USDA-certified organic. You can also get the COA (certificate of analysis) online. The turmeric essential oils present in this product aid for additional anti-inflammatory properties.

5. PlusCBD CBD Balm

Not everyone wants a potent CBD product. However, this CBD balm is perfect for you if you are a novice CBD user. The PlusCBD CBD balm has a potency of 100 mg full-spectrum CBD per 1.3 oz container. Despite being a low potency CBD product, the other ingredients in this CBD balm behold their healing properties. 

For instance, willow bark extract may help soothe irritated skin, whereas almond oil has strong antioxidant properties. Such products also contain beeswax, perfect for keeping your skin moisturized. Another USP of this CBD balm is that it is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and fragrances, which is perfect for picky users. 

6. Joy Organics CBD Salve

Here’s another broad-spectrum CBD salve that made it to the list. Broad-spectrum CBD refers to the presence of all the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the hemp plant along with CBD. However, broad-spectrum CBD does not have any THC. So, if you are looking to avoid THC in your CBD balm, this one is ideal. 

Joy Organics CBD Salve also comes in two sizes- 500 mg and 1000 mg CBD. The product contains ingredients like eucalyptus oil, which behold potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. However, if you have doubts regarding the quality, the COA (certificate of analysis) is available online.

Final Thoughts

Those were some of the best CBD-infused products for athletes in 2022. Hopefully, the article helps you pick the suitable CBD balm for pain relief. CBD may numb the pain by blocking the inflammatory messenger activity in the body. However, it’s better not to treat it as an alternative to severe pain relief medication. In case of severe pain, it’s better to consult an Orthopaedic doctor or health professional immediately. Also, remember to buying weed online products only from renowned and trusted sellers.

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