Whether you’re looking for a new look for your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, many home renovation apps can help you keep track of your home improvement project and make it easier than ever to execute it. These apps help you create projects, manage shopping lists, and hire contractors. These apps help you stay organized and on top of the latest trends. They make home renovation simple. Let’s look at 14 of the most popular home improvement apps.

3D Room Planner:

This app turns your real-life room into a virtual model. It allows you to change the layout of rooms, add furniture, and see how different materials will look in your home. Home Design 3D can even show the effect of natural light on different objects in the room. After creating your room in 3D, you can share the design with friends and family. Once you have finished rearranging your room, you can send it to them or begin renovating.


Formerly known as Angie’s List, this app allows you to find and book contractors in your local area. It also includes five tools for measuring and planning. These include a plumb bob, bubble level, stud finder, and surface level. The app also features unit conversions and estimates of costs. You can also email the results of the calculations. With Angi, you can find and book contractors within minutes.

Foyr Neo:

Foyr Neo is an online design and home renovation app for a more affordable option. You can import floor plans from your computer and furnish a design to fit your needs. The software has an in-built library of over 50,000 products and can render your space in minutes. If you’re not sure if Foyr is right for you, try the free trial for 14 days. You’ll find it easy to use and get started quickly.


This app helps you design a room and floor plan using your phone’s camera. It also lets you make changes directly in the app itself. It will calculate costs and make your house renovation a breeze. And since you can add photos and 360-degree images to the app, it will be easier to implement your renovation ideas. And don’t forget HomeZada, the indispensable financial planner for the home. It helps you plan for home renovation financing and organize your home remodeling expenses.


One of the best home renovation apps for mobile devices is the Houzz app. With over 20 million high-resolution pictures, this app allows you to find a home design that fits your style and budget. It also includes more than a million products, making it easier to source specific items right from the photos. You can also save the design you like and share it with others. These apps will help you plan your renovation projects and create a beautiful, functional home.

RoomScan Pro:

This home renovation app uses augmented reality to scan your surroundings. It can even measure tricky spots like curved walls and dark corners! This app can create professional floor plans that you can see in real-time. You can even use it in a dark room, and it can scan the walls and add doors to your floor plan. An app is a fantastic tool for large renovation projects! But it also offers many additional benefits.


If you want to visualize your design ideas before starting a renovation project, you can use escape, an app made by the interior design industry. It is easy to use and supports 3D rendering. It also supports remodeling existing homes. You can even get real-time feedback from contractors on the progress of your project, thanks to the app’s built-in library of materials and objects.


This app is perfect for budding designers who want to make floor plans or renovate existing ones. You can record ideas, brainstorm, and create virtual floor plans and mood boards. The app also lets you import pictures and add re-samples of furniture and appliances. It allows you to use virtual paint and add your photos and ideas to make your dream home.


Another app for collaborating with real interior designers is Havenly. This app lets you view a design of another user’s home, and it gives you a clear picture of what the finished product would look like. It is beneficial for renovating your living room or dining room. Its ability to calculate measurements makes it an excellent tool for those tackling home renovation projects. You can use the app to collaborate with a professional designer or just for fun.


Shop All Things Home – You can even track your order with the app and save your favorite items and furniture for later. You can also organize saved furniture according to the room where you plan to place them. These apps are free to download and compatible with most mobile devices. So you should not worry if you don’t have an Apple or Android device. There are plenty of other home renovation apps available for any device.


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