A Guide to Help You in Choosing the Right Patio Table Cover

It is difficult to find ways to shield all the things you care for from the perils of life. And when it comes down to protecting our beloved outdoor furniture, the task can be daunting. Using covers to guard them against the hazards of nature is the best option, no doubt. But comparing the products or their prices on the various websites and going through the reviews consumes much of your time and energy. Even then, there’s no surety that you will land up will the most suitable cover for your patio furniture.

Buyers need to know their requisites before they commence with their search. They must be aware of what they need and what they want. If you are sure about both, it will help you find a suitable cover for your patio table and save you time and money. This article will guide you to make the right choice in one go.

Understand the product hierarchy

Each website has its own way of presenting its products to its customers. As a buyer, you must go through the website to understand how the products have been categorized. Also, check for any supplemental information that might give you some insight into a specific product.

Understand the potential threats

As a patio table is a piece of your outdoor furniture, it will certainly face some environmental threats like heavy rain, hail, snowstorm, UV sun rays, dust, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, pollens, insect intrusion, etc. So, before you decide to look for suitable patio table covers, make sure to jot down all the elements your patio furniture is likely to be exposed to.

If you are new to a place and are not aware of the climatic condition of the area, do quick internet research.

Know the dimension

There are some unsaid norms to be followed while selecting an outdoor cover. You must always see to it that the cover does not touch the ground to allow proper ventilation of the air. Else, mold and mildew may attack your furniture. Again, if you land up with an oversized cover, it might enable water to pool. So, having the accurate measurement of the furniture plays a significant role in choosing the right cover. A smaller size will not give the desired protection, whereas a bigger size cover will create pockets, and water will eventually accumulate in them. Usually, a reputed website will avail you with “How to Measure” options. With its help, you can find out the dimension of your patio table.

Know about the extra features a cover comes with

Every buyer’s need will vary from the other. You might be staying in a region that experiences high winds. So, you will require your covers to have drawcords to ensure they are secured against the winds. Also, consider checking out other special features like inbuilt mesh vent, inner padding, airbags, waterproof coating, etc.

Other important factors

After you have taken care of all these things, be sure to check the warranty term, availability, color, price, and delivery options. You can check out this website if you plan to buy table covers wholesale.


Once you are sure about all of the above things, you are good to place your order.

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