Best 7 Cryptocurrency Logos

Cryptocurrency is a growing trend and logo designs are created to influence investor choices. A logo design can convince you to trust the brand and invest in them or otherwise. A logo will indicate how something is recognized and understood. A good design clearly indicated good business. Also, a good design consists of two things- simplicity and clarity.

To understand it better, here we have mentioned the 7 best cryptocurrency logos for you to look at such as bitcoin logo, Monero, Dash, etc. These have unique points and some flaws too.

Branding of Cryptocurrency

Most new logos these days are poorly designed. People need to realize the importance of the cryptocurrency logo. The owners and the investors need to know how important visual consistency is. Here you will learn about what to focus on, what works in the industry, and the elements that you should not waste your time upon.

Best 7 Cryptocurrency Logos

The best 7 cryptocurrency logos are mentioned below-

1. Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is one of the most recognized and famous cryptocurrencies currently. It is the world’s first peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency. The bitcoin logo has a capital letter B which has two falling strokes at the top and bottom. These strokes directly refer to a dollar sign. This is the best visual representation or symbol in the bitcoin logo. The use of B with stokes makes it a visual nod to the dollar sign.

The capital B is placed on an orange circle which makes it look like a coin. The coin is slanted a little to the right along with the italic wordmark. This adds to the dynamism of the currency. This logo uses bold and simple typography and has references to a coin to strongly relate with cryptocurrency.

However, it has a look that seems quite generic. The serif ‘B’ and the sans serif ‘bitcoin’ do not match with each other. Also, the inaccurate proportions of the wordmark and logo look unpleasant.

2. Ripple Logo

Ripple is a company that connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges, and corporates through RippleNet. It is done to provide a smooth experience to send money globally.

The Ripple logo has three dots that are connected to each other forming a unique symbol. This unique symbol represents blockchain technology. The ripple logo is simple, modern, and memorable too.

The three dots of the logo are in perfect relation to each other. They are forming a triangle that is aligned to the right, making it look connected to the logotype. Also, there is a little gradient applied on the dots which gives a modern feel and the blue color symbolizes truth and wisdom. It connects with viewers and makes them feel safe with their brand.

The bold and simple font gives a clean look. The symbol conveys flow, connectivity, and decentralization. Also, the perfect proportion between the symbol and the wordmark logo makes the logo look attractive.

3. Litecoin Logo

itecoin is an open-source software company and a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency as well. This project was released under the MIT/X11 license.

The Litecoin crypto logo uses a distinctive first letter of the name of the cryptocurrency. This is almost similar to bitcoin. Litecoin mark uses an existing character from computer software character map. Also, it uses a letter of the Polish alphabet to increase the recognition and attraction factor. The ‘Ł’ letter used in the logo exists in some alphabets like Polish and the pronunciation is different from ‘L’.

The wordmark is not written in italics while the symbol is. The symbol of Litecoin is bold whereas the wordmark is thin and faded. The grey color used makes the logo look weak and imparts a poor impression.

The simple and legible typography is a plus point. With the use of a circle, there is a reference to a coin. Also, there is a good balance between symbol and wordmark.

4. NEM Logo

NEM is the first smart asset blockchain in the world. The NEM blockchain technology is designed to provide a world-class platform for the management of any type of asset. These assets can be currencies, notarizations, ownership records, supply chains, and more. NEM provides enterprise-grade performance to its users.

The logo design uses Helvetica with letters placed tightly together to make it look visually appealing. It also has a colorful three-arm symbol. The proportion between symbol and wordmark is not appreciable.

The font used is written in bold and has tight letter spacing which looks good. The three-arm symbol is quite appropriate and designed in bright colors. The appearance of the symbol makes the logo attractive and unique.

The pros of this logo are simple and bold typography, vibrant colors, unique symbols. However, the cons are also present which include unproportionate symbols and wordmarks and weird proportions of the symbol.

5. Dash Logo

Dash can be used to make private payments online or instore instantly. It is a secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world. Once you see the logo, you understand Dash is the Digital cash made to spend anywhere.

The name ‘Dash’ stands for Digital+Cash. The logo of this company uses a custom font in bold, dynamic, and unique ways. The name of the company combines the first letter of ‘Digital’ and the word ‘Cash’. D + Cash = DASH makes a great name as well as a great logotype.

The unique typography, a unique styled ‘D’, and dynamic wordmark act as pros for this logo design. Moving further, the use of quite common blue color is a little con.

6. Monero Logo

Monero is a secure and private cryptocurrency. It is also an open-source software company and is accessible to all. With Monero, you can become your own bank as they say. You can control and manage your funds all on your own. Also, the accounts and transactions are kept private and safe.

The logo of the company uses ‘M’ in the symbol. It divides the circle into 2 parts with varying colors which separates it further. However, the ‘M’ of the wordmark is of a different font style and makes the look inconsistent.

The name of the logo is written in all caps and sans serif typography. But the weight of the font and weight of the symbol does not match and look uneven.

The pros include simple and legible typography, vibrant orange color, and a unique ‘M’ symbol. While the cons are a generic symbol, ‘M’ in the symbol does not match with ‘M’ in the name.

You can also create a crypto logo for your company using a crypto logo maker.

7. Zcash Logo

Zcash is an open, permissionless cryptocurrency. It can protect the privacy of transactions with the use of zero-knowledge cryptography.

The Zcash logo actually looks so similar to the bitcoin logo. It looks like the exact copy of the bitcoin logo. If you separate the Z symbol, you are just left with the Cash word which is not so convincing.

The pros of this logo are a coin-like symbol and a subtle orange gradient. The cons are generic, standard font style, too similar to bitcoin, ‘Z’ should be repeated in the wordmark, and the stroke is very thick on the symbol.

Whenever we invest money, the visual aspects of the identify system with a logo play an important role. These cryptocurrency logos might have some cons but there are a lot of positive things to learn from them. These crypto companies have lots of inspiration if you are planning to create a crypto logo. Also, these companies can help you create or own NFT art.

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