Blackjack history in 10 points

The gambling industry, which is extremely relevant and in-demand at present, has an interesting and rich history for many years. Many games that remain extremely popular to this day, originated several centuries ago, and even after such a long time have not lost their relevance and have millions of fans around the world.

Blackjack belongs to such card games, which appeared many years ago, and at the same time are included in the list of the most popular ones. It belongs to the “classic three” casino games, which also include poker and roulette. This is the list of games offered in many land-based gambling houses on the planet, as well as in the online casino Parimatch.

Nowadays, to play the famous blackjack for your pleasure, it is not necessary to visit special halls of casinos and other similar gambling establishments. Everyone is invited to play online, which makes it possible to join the exciting gameplay, even while at home. But for this, first, it is worth choosing a worthy site that will be completely safe and reliable. This is exactly what Parimatch is, which has prepared a detailed online blackjack guide for its clients. You can get acquainted with it at any time by visiting the official website of the company.

The main stages of the history of the formation of blackjack

To understand what a truly legendary blackjack game is, it is worth first identifying highlights from its rich history. In short, it looks like this:

  • Let’s start with the fact that during the inception of gambling as a concept, they were all similar to each other. And only over time, certain directions began to emerge, which were later transformed into separate games.
  • In 1440 in Italy there was a card game called Trentuno (translated as “Thirty-one”). Its rules are in many ways similar to modern blackjack, the difference was that to win, it was required to score 10 points more than is currently required.
  • The next version of a similar game, which is closer in its features to modern blackjack, is the French game Vingt et Un (“Twenty and One”). This version of card entertainment arose in the XVII-XVIII on the territory of France.
  • In the United States of America, blackjack appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, and it was brought to the country by immigrants from Europe. It was there that the name of the game was coined after it appeared in American casinos of that time. Also at that time, the owners of gambling houses introduced bonuses for the combination of ace and jack of spades.
  • The real history of blackjack began in the Wild West. And he appeared there in the first casinos that were illegal. The popularity of the game was due to the easy rules of the game and its quick passage.
  • On the territory of the Soviet Union, the game was initially banned, like all gambling. Very few people knew about blackjack, but over time it also began to be popularized.
  • At that time, in the West, blackjack was not only actively played, but scientists began to study the game and write books on how to play it correctly.
  • The triumphant procession of blackjack across the countries of the former Soviet Union began at a time when a real boom of casinos began in the Russian Federation and other CIS countries.
  • Currently, you can play the card game with maximum convenience online using a specialized service.

At any time, you can try your hand at this classic card game in the Parimatch service, registering in the service and joining the exciting gameplay.

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