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A few Phoenix Suns’ players have had their ratings leaked, and if turned out to be true, could provide some insights into how the others might be for NBA 2K23 as well!

Rated fairly highly, the Phoenix Suns are believed to boast some incredibly talented players within the club’s roster in NBA 2K23.

Not too long ago, a recent leak posted on a Twitter page named NBA 2K23 Leaks & Intel seems to suggest the same too.

If you’re a fan of the team, then these rumoured player ratings should definitely interest you:

Five (5) Player Ratings for Phoenix Suns:

(SG/ PG) Devin Booker: OVR 89 (-2)

(PG) Chris Paul: OVR 88 (­-2)

(C) Deandre Ayton: OVR 84 (-2)

(SF/ PF) Mikal Bridges: OVR 82 (-1)

(PF/ SF) Jae Crowder: OVR 76

The Phoenix Suns seem to be a great team to play with in NBA 2K23 if this leak turns out to be true, though many of the players do seem to suffer from slight downgrades, with their previous NBA 2K22 ratings shown here:

(SG/ PG) Devin Booker: OVR 91

(PG) Chris Paul: OVR 90

(C) Deandre Ayton: OVR 86

(SF/ PF) Mikal Bridges: OVR 83

(PF/ SF) Jae Crowder: OVR 76

In general, many NBA 2K23 players seem to suffer small rating decreases too, so the competitive gap between all teams might be smaller and more competitive this time around.

Right now, the Phoenix Suns’ guard, Devin Booker, is the best player on the team, and the tall American player could continue to become of the NBA’s elite players in the coming future since he is still just 25 years old!

What do you think about these possible player ratings?

Are they well-deserved?

Let’s find out if they really are genuine once the game releases in September 2022 soon!

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