The portal of NDLEA recruitment 2022 has been open for online application. This will be accessed through the official website of NDLEA recruitment.

If you are one who is interested in a specific position that is advertised by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, then this is the right post for you. This particular portal has been open for the processes of online applications. You will have to apply for the active email account & phone number along with the relevant qualifications.   

The NDLEA recruitment deadline for 2022 hasn’t been announced. If you want to apply for this job, then you will have to be ready to pay the processing fee of N1, 000 when you are applying online. You will be able to apply for this recruitment in the comfort of your home or office. If you have a phone or computer and access to a powerful internet connection, then you can easily apply for this job. To know more about NDLEA recruitment then, one must read the following important paragraphs carefully.

Important NDLEA Recruitment Requirements In 2022

If you want to apply for the NDLEA job, then you will have to pay attention to the following important requirements.

  • If you want to apply for NDLEA recruitment, then you need to be Nigerian by birth.
  • You will also have to fulfill the height-related requirements like your height shouldn’t be less than 1.7 meters for males & 1.64 meters for females.
  • The applicant should have completely expanded the measurement of the chest to not less than 0.87 meters.
  • To apply for this job then, one must be completely medically fit & also have a certified report of the medical from any kind of government hospital.
  • You shouldn’t suffer from any kind of mental or physical related disabilities.
  • Candidates with higher degrees like HND, OND, and BSC will also be appl

How can you apply for NDLEA Recruitment?

If you are one who wants to apply for this particular recruitment, then you must visit the official website where you need to fill out the application form. After that, one should also pay attention to this complete article for further instructions & updates related to the status of the application.

NDLEA is considered as National Drug Law Enforcement Agency; however, it is considered one of the most popular federal agencies that are also handling the different kinds of responsibilities in Government. This is also recruiting new workers with the passage of time. If they are recruiting, then they are releasing important information to the general public so they will be able to keep updating them properly.

NDLEA has already stated on the portal that the agency is completely transparent & they are already free of charge to apply. It means that as long as you have access to the required credentials, then you will able to be qualified to participate in the exercise of the recruitment.

Important facts related to the NDLEA Recruitment

If you want to apply for the NDLEA Job, then you should be 21 years older. Moreover, you will also have a minimum of ND in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics from the certified and reputed institutions or universities with a minimum of 5O/L credits passes, including the English Language, Mathematics & any kinds of other relevant subjects also.

Moreover, has become one of the most popular platforms where you will get to know more about NDLEA recruitment. Hence, if you are one who wants to stay updated about the recruitment process, then you must keep visiting the website on a regular basis.


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