Online Poker: The Popular Pastime Among Formula 1 Drivers

If you’re a fan of Formula 1, you probably couldn’t imagine your favorite drivers having a hobby other than zooming around the track. However, believe it or not, they do much more with their spare time than you may imagine. In fact, one of their favorite pastimes is playing poker through an online casino.

That’s not to say it’s for every Formula 1 driver, but some of the biggest names have made it known that they love the thrill of the game when they’re traveling around the world. But what exactly is online poker, and which drivers play it? Let’s find out. 

What is online poker?

Online poker is straightforward to play when you already know the basics of the original game. Simply put, it’s the traditional card game of original poker that you find in brick-and-mortar casinos, but instead, it’s played over the internet. 

The game’s rules are pretty much the same as the standard version, but depending on the casino, it can change. By discovering the best online poker sites, you can get acquainted with the different variations, whether live or Texas Hold’em, and learn the specific rules before getting started. From there, you can quickly move from a beginner to a pro and start bringing in some fantastic winnings. 

F1 drivers who love poker

You now know exactly what online poker is, but which of your favorite F1 drivers are practicing their poker face while they’re on tour? Let’s take a look:

Michael Schumacher

We all know who Michael Schumacher is, or you’ve at least heard of him. He’s known for controlling his Ferrari on the track and becoming one of the best Formula 1 winners to date, raking in a total of 91 wins at this time. Some people even think of him as the greatest driver of all time.

Another thing he was fantastic at was playing poker.  He has publicly expressed his love for the game and participated in several tournaments until his unfortunately accident in 2013 from which he has since retired from public life

Jaime Alguersuari

Jaime Alguersuari may not have been on the F1 scene for very long, but he certainly made an impression. Starting his career at the young age of 17 in 2009 and working hard up to 2011, he managed to stand out in the crowd and is still spoken about today. Due to his success, he’s also become well-known for his poker skills.

The retired driver has made it clear he has a strong passion for online poker and has even become an ambassador for one of the most popular online casinos. He also competed in the World Championship, so there’s no denying he has talent. Many fans even believe he encouraged other drivers to take up the mind sport of poker. 

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica has made a name for himself as the only Polish driver that has competed in any F1 seasons, but he’s also known for being an avid poker player. His driven cars include the BMW Sauber, Williams, and Renault, and he also emerged triumphant in the Canadian Grand Prix in 2008. 

Not only does he have many accolades in the F1 world and passionate about automotive world, but he’s also known as a fantastic poker player due to his passion for the mind-challenging card game. After getting in a crash in 2011, he decided to start competing in tournaments, and he’s never looked back since.

Fernando Alonso 

Spain was gifted tremendously when Fernando Alonso came into the racing scene. Known as both an F1 and professional racer, he has become one of the most well-known athletes on the racetrack since 1999. After two consecutive championship wins between 2005 and 2006, it can be hard to forget him.

Fernando has also made it known to his fellow racers and fans that he’s an avid online poker player and passionate about ev cars. He has competed in several poker tournaments both on and offline and made himself known as a frequent visitor to some of the biggest gambling capitals in the world. He’s just another driver who can’t get enough of this fantastic game. 

Giancarlo Fisichella 

Last but not least on our list for today is Giancarlo Fisichella. Similar to Schumacher, he’s also become known as an avid Ferrari driver, but he’s also known for driving other vehicles such as Bennetton, Jordan, and Renault throughout the 20 years of his career. His skills have managed to grab him three wins, and he’s beloved by most Italian F1 fans.

Not only is Giancarlo skilled on the racetrack, but he also has some tricks up his sleeve when it comes to playing online poker. He loves the video mechanisms of the internet game and manages to brush up on his skills through several tournaments. 


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