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Tips For Using Social Media For a Small Business

Social media is a powerful tool for small businesses. It can help you create brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, and build relationships with customers and prospects. But if you’re not attentive, social media can also be hugely time-consuming and potentially damaging to your business reputation. For a small business, social media is a way to connect with customers, engage with them and build a brand identity. It’s a terrific way to grow your company and increase sales.

Social media is today’s most popular form of online communication, especially among younger generations. A study by eMarketer revealed that 77% of Americans ages 18-24 use social networking sites at least once monthly. That number drops slightly among older age groups but still hovers around 70%, meaning there are plenty of opportunities available for you as a business owner to market.

The complexity of social media platforms, the fast-changing nature of consumers’ behavior, and the growing expectations and time consumption might make social media marketing challenging and daunting for small businesses. However, you need not let this fact keep you from leveraging social media for your business. 

Here are tips to remember when using social media as part of your marketing strategy:

Make responses quick

It is worth noting that people do not like waiting for a response or having a product delivered at the doors for ages. Waiting long might make them bored and eventually lose their valuable customer base. Social media can assist you in making responses quicker. Here is how:

  • Have an AI chatbot handle simple customer service tasks 24/7
  • Respond to inquiries within a day. If not, set expectations by sending an automated message with the expected response time.
  • Make your business easy to find in case of emergencies on the platforms they use 

Be consistent with your strategy

The best way to build trust with your audience is by being consistent. This goes for all your social media accounts, especially your main ones. Set the best schedule for you, and stick to it! Your followers will expect the same things from you regularly, so if you suddenly change up your content or tone, they might not like it. When turning your idea into a viable startup, consistency is vital.

Onboard new customers

Social media can be an excellent tool for growing. It is a way to engage with customers in a personal way. It gives you the opportunity to connect with potential new customers. But it does not mean it is right for every small business.  

If you are considering setting up an active social media presence, here are some tips on how best you can fulfill it:

  • Use relevant hashtags on Instagram posts (e.g. #smallbusiness)
  • Have an engaged following on the platforms – post two to three times a week
  • Make sure your posts are short, friendly, and to-the-point 


Social media strategy is a great tool for small businesses. It can help you increase your customer base, build your brand and create more awareness about what you’re selling. It doesn’t have to be tricky either; there are many easy ways to get started with social media for small businesses.

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