An EPSS, also known as an electronic performance support system, is a system that makes use of a computer application to assist users in performing more effectively. Software, which makes it easy to get started, has made it somewhat less difficult to get this type of performance help in recent years. It is common practise to integrate an electronic performance support system with other applications in order to provide users with help while they work with certain instruments. 

Additionally, the EPSS may be utilised as a query system, giving the user the ability to acquire information in accordance with their own needs. The aims of an EPSS are to provide training that is just-in-time for employees and to integrate their learning experience with their operational experience. An EPSS acts as a guide or a mentor for the user as it leads them through a procedure. The usage of EPSSs may either be done in addition to or in instead of the more traditional forms of training. In the event that issues or deficiencies arise, they may be used as a temporary solution as an alternative to conventional training.

Helpful Hints for Designing a Performance Support System:

After making a purchase selection for performance support software, it’s time to get it up and running. Performance support frameworks may be built using these best practices.

  • Ensure that information is available in a variety of formats.

Any of the following formats might be used to present the data your performance support system provides, depending on the situation:

Textual or audio-visual data might be included in the data.

Providing step-by-step guidance in procedure-oriented jobs is preferable.

In other words, it operates as a kind of expert system, asking users what they want and then recommending the best course of action to get it.

Electronic performance support systems should be able to present information in all of the following forms concurrently and one at a time.

  • Ensure that Only Relevant Information is Included in Your Response.

The user of your performance support system should be able to swiftly and simply access and retrieve all information. The EPSS may pull important information from any repository, such as your knowledge base, document storage system, or intranet site, and provide it straight to the user in their app.

  • Information that is Easily Accessible

To avoid the inevitable internal opposition and assist your staff to adjust to change, explain the initiative to each individual or department touched by it.

  • Observe the User’s Control and Access to Data.

E-learning should be able to tailor material to a particular user’s work role and necessary knowledge.

  • It’s Quick and Easier to Add and Edit Content.

A performance support system’s material should be updated as quickly as possible when rules, compliance regulations, or new products are introduced. EPSS’s digital, no-code nature enables L&D professionals to swiftly and easily update their performance support information. This eliminates the need for downtime or extra assistance when implementing new features or updating existing ones.

  • Easy to Use

If you don’t have any previous training, you don’t require an electronic performance support system. To benefit from an EPSS, a user must first get familiar with the EPSS itself to utilize it effectively.

  • Access to a Diverse Range of Contextual Learning Opportunities

Everyone’s learning style differs. Depending on the situation, one user may just be interested in learning what is necessary to achieve the task at hand, while another may choose to go further into the ideas altogether. To ensure that the relevant information is delivered to the right employee at the right time, you need to create tailored learning flows and routes for different employee levels, jobs, and business units.


Since the early 1990s, EPSSs have been used extensively as a tool for the purpose of assisting with performance. They are ideal for offering aid with just-in-time training, in addition to the traditional learning environments that they can either complement or replace. When informal learning and training are being replaced by EPSSs, these systems need to have both performance support and learn support capabilities. Recent years have seen an increase in the use of expanded polystyrene (EPS), which has resulted in the formation of an essential instrument for the enhancement of performance.


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