When buying a car, it’s important to look for safety features. Most new cars have these, and they can help keep you safer on the road. Look for things like antilock brakes, blind-spot detection, and lane-keeping assist. These features can help you avoid accidents, and may even save your life in some cases ipagal.

Stability control is another safety feature that can protect you. This system works to keep your car from skidding into a curve and is recommended by Consumer Reports experts. However, these safety features are no substitute for a seatbelt, which is the most important safety equipment ofilmywapcom.

Rear AEB helps prevent car accidents by lowering your car’s speed and stopping it before hitting an object. It also prevents collisions by alerting you to objects in the back. It is also important to look for features like lane-departure warning systems, which alert you if you’re drifting out of your lane bolly2tollyblog.

Another important feature is front-seat head restraints. These have been mandatory since 1969, and they help prevent car crashes. However, active head restraints are not yet mandatory. Saab and Volvo led the way in the widespread use of these systems, which move the head restraint up and forward during a rear-end collision to protect your head waptrickcom.

Front airbags are also important. These are required by law, and most new cars and light trucks have them. Some of the latest models also have smart airbags that can detect if passengers in the front seats are wearing their seat belts. If they’re not, the airbag will automatically deflate. This can reduce the risk of injury to children or smaller drivers myflixerto.


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