What Size Weighted Blanket Should You Get?

Are you worried about what size weighted blanket you should get? It is challenging for most people to select the right weighted blanket to get relief at night or during sleep time during the day. But it’s not a big deal to handle such issues because we cover everything you need to know to pick a right-sized weighted blanket. They will surely help you decide what is good and more suitable.

These days, weighted blankets are more in demand as they provide much relaxation and calmness to the nervous system and remove anxiety and stress due to unique deep pressure stimulation technology. The idea of weighted blankets came after introducing a huge machine by Temple Grandin for deep pressure therapy. Later, they observe that weighted blanket is the cause of increased production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain that relaxes the body and reduces mental stress. That’s why this blanket is considered the best one for children, adults, and people of all ages to overcome autism, depression and other mental and physical disorders. You can also look for organic bamboo bed sheets and blankets designed on the same technology.

But as you know everyone’s body has different requirements, and they can’t bear an equal size weighted blanket. So it is necessary to know about the exact weighted blanket according to body needs and strength.

What Size Weighted Blanket Should You Get?

There are a lot of best quality and size weighted blankets such as organic bamboo blankets and sheets made up of 100% cotton and many others. Before choosing the best weighted blanket you must have an idea about your body weight and age.

For Adults

The weight of the blanket should be 10 percent of body weight, and the weight range of a weighted blanket for an adult usually ranges between 12 to 20. Suppose if your weight is 130 pounds, then the weight of blanket should be 13lb is best along with dimensions 55* 80 inches or 62* 82 inches.

For Kids

The criteria for buying weighted blankets for kids are different from for adults. It should be 10 percent but the addition of one to two pounds. Such as

  • For 60 pounds weight, the blanket should be 7-8lb in weight.
  • For 40 pounds, it should be 5-6lb in weight.
  • For toddlers, you can look for a blanket with 10 to 15lb weight

Never choose a 12-25 pounds weighted blanket as these would be too heavy for children, and they would not sleep calmly.

Moreover, the dimensions should be 30* 50 or 40* 60 inches.

Weighted Blanket King Size Bed

Usually, a weighted blanket king size comes with 80*86 inches in dimension is the best one for such mattresses. If you have a king size bed then you can look for 80*87 inches blanket of 30lb.

For couples it is tricky to look for the right weight blanket. For couples, buy a blanket with 7.5% of both body weights instead of 10%.


A right-sized weighted blanket is important to get the desired results. For the best size weighted blanket you must have an idea about the age and weight of the buyer. These blankets are the solution to a lot of problems such as insomnia, leg syndrome and restlessness; anyone can use them for calm sleep.

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