Why do you need a plumber to install the sump pump?

Installing Sump pumps isn’t something that anyone can pull off. The procedure is not just cumbersome but also requires thorough knowledge and skill to establish it faultlessly. Some people might still want to try it out without taking any professional help. However, here are some key benefits, that hiring a skilled plumber has over the DIY approach to installing sump pumps!

Can help you pick the correct type of sump pump

There are a variety of different sump pumps available in the market. Each pump has its benefits and indications for use. If you are confused or don’t know which one will be ideal for your house, a skilled plumber can help you pick the right one. They can judge based on your place, situation, and budget; and help you find the ideal pump, whether it is a submersible one, a pedestal one, or a battery backup type.

They can help you pick the right size

The size of the pump is a vital detail that you should not ignore. Depending on the area you live in and how prone your basement is to flooding will decide how big of a pump you’d need to efficiently pump out all the water at the right speed. This is something the plumbers can help you with. They can help do the necessary calculations and find the ideal size for your home, one that will solve your flooding problems efficiently.

They have better knowledge about the ideal position to set up a sump pump

Installing a sump pump requires the lowest point on the floor, and finding the lowest point of your basement isn’t as simple as people would like to believe. Installing the pump at the wrong position will only lead to more expenditure and the hassle of having to dismantle and install it again later at the right position. So, you should save yourself the headache and opt for a plumber, who can get the job done for you easily and correctly using their expertise and the right tools.

They have a better knowledge of the equipment and how to use them

What and how of the tools required for installing a sump pump isn’t common knowledge and is best understood by professionals. Any attempt to use the equipment you have no idea or experience of handling can have dire consequences. There’s not only a risk of you damaging the pump during the process but also a high chance of injuring yourself. So, it’s best to hire a skilled plumber who has thorough experience in using these tools. This will ensure the whole procedure runs smoothly, and you’re left with a pump that works efficiently!

They help you save money

Professionals often know their work like the back of their hands and will do their work as smoothly and perfectly as possible. A DIY attempt at installing a sump pump on the other hand will not only require a lot more hard work but also expenditure. And if something goes wrong, we can add the damage control expenses too.


To end it simply, it’s not a very good idea to jump into something you don’t have any clue about. Experience is the key, when it comes to installing sump pumps, reason why hiring a good plumber will always be the better option!

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