Can I File A Claim For Back Injury After Car Accident?

Are you worried about the severe back pains after a car accident? No doubt back pains are one of the common issues after confronting a car accident. Even a slight jerk due to another driver’s negligence can lead to severe spinal injuries. A victim has to go through a lot of pain and terrible situations. 

Our spinal cord has a complex anatomy. There are muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments attached to it. Primarily the spinal cord supports the neck as well the whole body from top to toe. Therefore, the back needs special care and if you go through an accident, don’t wait for days but immediately rush to the hospital. Otherwise, you have to suffer from the worst experiences. Indeed, you have to pay huge medical expenses but don’t worry about financial losses because you have the right to claim compensation against an at-fault driver for all the losses you have faced.

And the most important thing is to seek legal help and consult an Athens Car Accident Lawyer. As your lawyer will guide you by keeping the whole situation in mind. And help you legally to get justice.

Some Of The Common Injuries Due To Car Accidents

When another car hits your car from the back then a sudden force impacts your back badly. It causes severe spinal cord injuries and can affect the whole body. Sometimes, the victim has to go through surgeries or he can experience lower-body paralysis for life long and become unable to stand on his feet. However, some other common injuries include

•Herniated disc 

A herniated disc is a slipped or ruptured spinal disc. It happens when some heavy forces compress the disc badly. It affects the nerves and causes severe pain and discomfort. Sometimes it becomes hard for the victim to move.


Whiplash is a neck and back injury and gives terrible pain. It happens due to sudden back and forth movement of the head. As a result, the muscles become strained and it becomes difficult for the victim to move his neck because of severe back, neck and shoulder pain.

•Compression fracture

The compression fraction is the cracking of bones and tissues in the spinal cord.

•Soft tissue damage

Soft tissue damage is the strains, sprains or tears in the tendons, ligaments or the muscles in the back. This can cause pain in the legs as well.

•Spinal stenosis

It is the narrowing of the spaces between the spinal canals. The nerves become compressed from the lower back and cause numbness and pain in the legs.


Paraplegia is paralysis in both legs. When something hits your back badly and affects the spinal cord severely then the victim becomes unable to move.

Due to these injuries not just the back but necks, legs, shoulders even the whole body gets affected. However, after a car accident, you should immediately rush to the doctor.

How To Prove Injuries Are Due To Car Accidents?

With the help of medical records, you can prove your injuries and file a case against the at-fault driver. Sometimes victims have a previous history of back pains and visiting doctors but that will not affect your case. Your condition gets worse after accidents and your medical records highlight the dates and doctor’s testimonies including other evidence like

  • X-rays
  • MRI
  • Tests reports
  • Medicines prescriptions
  • Reports of surgeries
  • Physiotherapy record

All these records are evidence in your favour.

Will The Insurance Company Cover The Medical Bills?

No doubt the victim has to bear all the medical expenses even though the car accident was not his fault. However, you can claim insurance companies for the compensation. If you have an uninsured or insured coverage policy then you can get benefits from them. Or if the at-fault drive has liability coverage then you can claim them as well.

Sometimes, insurance companies don’t show any concern. In such a situation you need the help of an Athens Car Accident Lawyer. Your lawyer is experienced enough to deal with the insurance companies.

Claiming Compensation For Long-Term Damage?

No doubt back injuries have severe and terrible effects on the victim. Sometimes back injuries result in permanent or long-term damage. If you have gone through long-term or permanent damage then you have full right to claim compensation for long-term treatment.

Bottom Lines

Indeed car accidents badly influenced the life of the victim and their family. The victims suffered physically, mentally and financially as well. And sometimes due to severe conditions, the victim becomes unable to go to his workplace and suffers from lost wages. However, if you are a victim of a car accident then you should take the help of an Athens Car Accident Lawyer and file a case against the at-fault driver. Your lawyer will help you to get the compensation you deserve. 

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